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From individual statements to market maps: a geomarketing approach to public transport Planning

Aumentar Original png, 10k. Aumentar Original png, 1,4k. Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing. Four hundred and seventy six self-filled questionnaires were filled and one hundred and twelve interviews were led this way, providing a rich data base.


Consequently, demand models are constructed on the basis off observations of traveller behaviour under existing transportation supply conditions ” [Kanafani,pp. In other words, revealed preferences tell us little about the modification of mobility behaviours possibly induced by the hypothetical introduction of a new alternative.

Geomarketing based surveys, combining revealed and modified stated preferences, called “caused preferences”, are a powerful way of acquiring such an accurate information. Aumentar Original jpeg, 28k.

Finally, the reputed reliability of data obtained this way, based on the apparent direct apprehension of an objective reality, can be misleading. Aumentar Original png, 2,0k. Best results are obtained through the procedure shown by figure 6. This relation is underlined using a Lowess [Cleveland, ], enhanced by a bootstrap confidence band [Efron and Tibshirani, ].

First, it was seen as an aid to calibrate the upcoming service, mainly regarding parameters such as waiting time, travel time, arrival time and price. Aumentar Original png, 3,2k.


The book also covers the way geographic techniques help to solvemarketing problems and contains chapters written by contributorswith extensive experience in this field; given that it is crucialfor companies to direct their marketing correctly at their targetaudience, this will be indispensable reading for those involved inthis area.

There is a strong commercial component here, that cannot be avoided. This need for innovation concerns the miscellaneous stages of the public transport production, including the preliminary analysis ones. This process, we called “caused preferences surveys”, can finally be justified by the following arguments: The dominant paradigm of discrete choice modelling, mostly based on revealed preferences data, was then firmly anchored.

Geomarketing: Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing – Google Libros

Then, an interactive GIS prototype has been implemented within the statistical programming environment Xlisp-Stat [Tierney, ], so as to achieve this goal. Second, during llibros survey, respondents have to be presented with much more information than they would have in making their travel decisions.

Direct Marketing and Geographic Information. A spatial generalisation procedure based on adaptive neighbourhoods was finally proposed, so as to produce market map from individual probabilities of adopting a given service. To achieve this goal, visual scenarii were proposed, in a strategy exploiting both “ranking-based” et “rating-based” responses.

The aim of this geomaroeting is to present an example of a practical strategy set up in a context of operational research, that led to the creation of a personalised public transport service. He is an expert in geomarketing and is advisor in this capacity to many large French companies.

Supply is also dependent on position, becauseprices, services, products and available shops rely on location,while the difference between supply and demand is the rationale forthe role of the trader.


The revealed preferences questionnaire was distributed systematically to each traveller, while the gomarketing preferences one was addressed to the maximum number of people during the available time. Indeed, the rate of daily journeys to work decreases, while the rate of leisure trips augments.

Indeed, many work remains to be done to understand mobility behaviour, what is more if we are to propose versatile and viable alternatives to current trends. St-Valery-en-Caux, France, September First, stated preferences surveys do dw reflect actual travel behaviours.

More, it seems that the product concept has to be “sold” to the respondent from the very first contact. We can hardly be satisfied with the simple description of a behaviour by its author, given the extreme variability of individual perceptions geomarleting work, especially in the spatial and temporal dimensions.

A direct consequence of this evolution is that polarised flows towards towns and town centres are not geomarleting much representative as before of the spatial pattern of daily flows, as fringe flows take more and more importance. Then, individual characteristics and revealed preferences are transformed into quantitative variables, using the Disqual procedure [Saporta,].

Advertising Policy and Geographic Information. Stated preferences surveys, which come from investigations led in the early seventies in the market research field [Green and al. The survey can therefore be seen as a commercial lever, as well as a reliable way of getting precious data. Retail Location m Geographic.

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