Pris: 93 kr. E-bok, Laddas ned direkt. Köp Seal Team Six av Howard E Wasdin, Stephen Templin på Snajper Opowiesc komandosa Seal Team Six [Howard E. Wasdin] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Caution! No English version!. Snajper Howard E. Wasdin. 2K likes. Pogromcy Osamy Bin Ladena pokazani po raz pierwszy od środka oczami snajpera. Literatura faktu najwyższej próby.

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Wasdin succeeds at painting himself as a d-bag using his difficult childhood to win weapons and training to become a d-bag with a license to kill. You will learn some interesting facts about strategies, tactics, gear, and immense egos. Must be hosard to sit back an point fingers when you’re not involved.

Seal Team Six

I am pretty sure that joining the service, no matter how elite, does not make you above the law. Pretty condescending if you ask me.

I can only say that Wasdin’s story touched me deeply as a very human story. Yes there are many subjects in the book that are upsetting and disturbing but you also have to realize the lif When I chose this book I had already gone through many reviews as most people do causing me to prejudge the book and almost not pick it.

I think it is by far one of the best books I have read on this type material in quite some time. Young kids should probably not read this book because of the level of reading and violence.


It is the real-life memoirs of a real-life member of Seal Team Six. I loved this book.

If you’ve read lots of SEALs books, the language gets a bit monotonous after awhile. One of wasdjn things I really like is that the story is told so well, that it doesn’t even feel liked I was reading a memoir, it felt more like I was reading fiction but I was actually there.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With human lives on snjper line, one hopes these organizations have resolved some of the issues that led to the deaths of U.

SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. If he still felt that way, he would not have the insight to write about it.

There are elements of the military I will never understand. A hard job that does protect those who protect civilians. I felt he was subtly critiquing himself for some of those attitudes through the plain, sometimes self-deprecating tone of his writing.

Oh, and when they finally go their court date the judge dismissed all charges based on the fact that they are serving our country. The story of a mans struggles through life to become part of the most Elite team on the plant. The personal experience he tells about his life, ranging from his childhood to now, by the end of the book you really feel as if you know him really well, and that you could recall being in those experiences.


He brings the right tone to the dramatic events and infuses a droll note to some events that are unexpectedly humorous. I don’t care what you think about the media, Wasdin, and I don’t care about them per se. Howev I am appreciative of every soldier defending the United States of America. Aug 15, Rhianna rated it really liked it. It was a turing point for me- it was when I matured.

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He’s very candid, at times airing venomous anger toward the Clinton administration and the Italian peace keepers whom he accuses of ignoring and even aiding Somali warlords. He spent his life standing up for others. About his faults and mistakes he seems to be generally open and sincere in his regrets.

Martin’s Press first published May 5th If that makes any sense This book will inspire you because you see him go thr This book is the most interesting book Ive ever read. Feb 27, Amelia rated it it was ok Shelves:

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