Apr 14, Ettercap is an open-source tool written by Alberto Ornaghi and Marco .. Opening BINARY mode data connection for ( (more information about disabling a plugin in the file) OPTIONAL: The easiest way to compile ettercap is in the form: mkdir build cd build cmake. Jun 23, (from the README file): EtterCap is a multipurpose sniffer / interceptor / logger for a switched LAN. It supports active and passive dissection of.

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However, EtterCap can go beyond sniffing, and even intervene in existing sessions.

UCSniff is a Proof of Concept tool to demonstrate the risk of unauthorized recording of VoIP and Video – it can help you understand who can eavesdrop, and from what parts of your network.

VideoSnarf is a new tool first released with UCSniff 3. VoIP offers tremendous cost-saving potential, and it actually can be made “secure” to the acceptable risk tolerance level. Conclusion So how do we protect our Organization from this evil, evil type of network activity?

Part of the iEntry Network over 4 million subscribers.

If we chose the specific session and enter it, we will see the actual data that passed on the network see next picture. Well, the beyond bit lies in the fact the EtterCap can intervene in the traffic stream, and modify strings at our will!

UCSniff README: VoIP and IP Video Security Assessment Tool

This is done by selecting a machine in the main screen, and pressing the “F” button. Basically what this means in Ettercap terms is that we will replace the string “in” to “out”, on the http session.


Currently the feature only works with SIP, and it is only supported on the Linux platform. We want to edit the readmee on source” to replace rwadme. This example will prevent showing your telnet: Note that options in the file override command line. Will tell you if you are on a switched LAN or not.

Both avi files contain the one-way audio experienced by the end user. Or, we could occasionally use Ettercap to check for the presence of other poisoners.

ettercap(8) – Linux man page

Chose the Rradme source and destination computers, as shown before, and start the spoofing process. By the way, the Linux version of Ettercap has many more features and plugins such as DNS spoofing pluginsbut you have to start somewhere right?

Reaeme Windows is available as binary release or source code. A quick IPConfig on the Don’t forget that by pressing “H” on each screen you’ll get a “Help” menu, to guide you as you go along.


This capability is accomplished via user configuration of ucsniff. EtterCap has the ability to actively or passively find other poisoners on the LAN. I’ve heard of other solutions, concerning switch port security, however I haven’t had the opportunity to test this – I’d be glad to hear your experiences.

The lab network consists of the following computers. See the VideoSnarf page for more details here. Press “F” to edit your filters: We have successfully managed to sniff a machine on a switched network. We now try to surf to www.


Let’s make the heading – ” Investors cash out “. SecurityProNews is an iEntry, Inc. You can inject character to server emulating commands or to client emulating replies maintaining the etterdap alive! UCSniff now uses it’s own configuration file, ‘ucsniff. In this example we will manipulate text from a financial article on cnn.

Choose ” yes “. To activate the filter we need to press “S”, and then we should see etterca; filter status turn to “ON”. UCSniff supports this exciting new feature, which allows a security professional to test for the ability of an insider to eavesdrop on a private IP video call and hear both audio and video while the call is in progress.

Correctly mixing audio WAV and video H files such that audio and video are synchronized is a challenge. Once “A” is pressed, the attacked machine gets ARP poisoned, as we can see from the following picture. We now will open an FTP session from the attacked computer just as an example and see what is logged. Notice that the ARP addresses for Once this is done, a quick ARP scan is performed in order to rezdme out the network, and then the following screen is shown:

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