DEMOLAY RITUAL BOOK PDF – Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. DeMolay, but not be. DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Get this from a library! Ritual degrees and ceremonials of the Order of Demolay.. [ DeMolay (Organization). International Supreme Council.].

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During your initiation into DeMolay, you will be presented with many symbols or ideas that will be new to you.

DeMolay – Initiatory

The Bbook will take their stations and this Chapter will come to demolay ritual book. Their heroic loyalty glorifies our human nature and sets an example worthy of our emulation. Our Father, as sons of loving and indulgent parents, we invoke Thy divine blessing upon all the fathers and mothers of our country and of all the world, and wilt Thou pour out a special blessing for our mothers who have watched over us with unceasing care during all the years of out lives.

Seats must be provided for DeMolay and his three preceptors. A standard cassette tape of musical selections is available from the Demoly Service and Leadership Center.


Attendants and Orator leave the room in the same order as upon entering. All DeMolays, Chapters, and Advisors are reminded that a full officer femolay is the best and proper manner in which to confer all degrees and present all Ritual work of the Order.


Candidates are given a chance to question. In communicating the sign in open meeting, only the first move will be employed.

My answer, Inquis i tor, is still the same. We all abhor the foul-mouthed, the obscene, the dissipated and the immoral young man, who anticipates the years of his.

The same salute is made during the pledge to the flag. To teach those without a two-fold deliberation before they seek admission and to teach those within to use double caution before granting it.

The password is given by the Active DeMolays to the Deacon and is not exchanged in syllables. Pattern is same for all preceptors in sequence except that 7 P sits when procession first passes 1 P after leaving 7 P.

None appearing, I shall proceed to close. The step is emblematic of our eagerness to greet a friend or welcome a stranger. It should only be communicated in the manner you have received it, except during the opening of the Chapter.

When the class is small enough, all candidates should kneel at the Altar. Brother Senior Councilor, what have you learned sitting in the West? Another suggested option riutal placing the Crown of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each desig n ated preceptor present his part within the candles.

You will place your right hand on the Holy Bible or on the shoulder of the one in front of you. When further business, if any, has been disposed of he repeats the foregoing question.

To the rack wi t h him! We can force others of thy brotherhood who are in our power to do this, but we prefer to deal first with thee Accede to our demands and thy life is saved.


Why wilt thou refuse a share when we can hold all? Mar pauses after each question to give candidates opportunity to reply. In so doing, Stewards are not required to remain in any fixed position along the line of candidates.

No man, young or old, is really refined who is not courteous and whose courtesy is not natural instead of being artificial and assumed. Brethren, is there anything further to come before this Chapter? Brother Master Councilor, the word of the day is You know that the young man whose word is as good as his bond, who can be absolutely relied upon to fulfill his promises, if humanly possible, enjoys the esteem and confidence of all men I commend to you this virtue and urge you not to lose sight of its vital importance merely because you are not called upon to face some great drama of sacrifice.

DeMolays who have not received the same will please retire. Do you declare upon your honor that your only purpose is to join with your fellows in trying to make each other better and to do good?

Brethren, join me in saluting and pledging allegiance to the flag. Appendix A contains a brief dictionary of words used in DeMolay ceremonies, including correct pronunciations. Thou art charged, with these thy followers and others, with being the head of an Order that has practiced many abominations.

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