Darkship Thieves byHoyt [Hoyt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facing mutiny armed only with a torn nightgown and her wits. Athena has . Darkship Thieves and its sequel Darkship Renegades are Science Fiction novels by Sarah A. Hoyt. Set in a solar system after a massive revolt against. Darkship Thieves (Darkship, book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt – book cover, description, publication history.

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I want that grr in the relationship, to see the fire after they’ve gotten together not just in the foreplay. I actually skim-read the final hundred pages or so Their quirky romance is fun no sex scenes and very light sexual tension.

Mar 07, Leslie rated it it was amazing Shelves: There’s no explanation for this phenomenon. That’s pretty much all I remember. Then Sinestra is the daughter of one of the Good Men, the ruling class on a thievrs future earth long after current systems have collapsed. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

I knew the story Athena had learned wouldn’t be accurate, and I liked how it was an eyewitness that straightened the story out and not just stories passed down. A fiesty nineteen year old, Thena has left a string of burning institutions and baffled professionals in her wake. Jun 01, Snarktastic Sonja rated it really thievrs it Shelves: They were inconsistent in their conversations and motivations, which made it difficult for me varkship empathize with them and their relationship.


The romantic relationship between Thena and Kit works; they both grew into better people because of each other. This is the best Heinlein book I’ve read in ages. Views Read Edit View history.

The Big Idea: Sarah A. Hoyt – Whatever

And, you would be correct. She has them surrounded. It’s not that the plot dragged; its problem was quite the opposite. It is nice to see an author bringing my conspiracy theories to life. The main character had a lot of spice and was destructive in her thoughts, which I liked. Instead of trying to talk her way out of it at the dzrkship station, she flees into an energy pod forest in hopes of getting picked up by one of the workers she knows.

Athena Hera Sinistra is the daughter of a Patrician, one of the “Goodmen” who rule Earth as an oligarchy.

Sarah Hoyt

University of Wisconsin University Bookstore. I don’t rate things a 1 star unless i tthieves didn’t like it but this was borderline. Suddenly escape becomes easy, the villain is dealt with with surprising speed and really, very little action on the part of the main protagonists and they’re off home, to end on an ironic note, rather than a satisfying one.


While traveling with her father, she wakes up just before one of his bodyguards tries to sedate her. I guess author wanted to re-make “Friday” but that did not go all darkshup well. Darkship Thieves was a fun romp.

It feels like it’s still a rough draft in parts. And how good she was with mechanics. Once there, she literally runs into a Darkship, thought to be a myth, harvesting powerpods. Thena is a very scrappy young lady is quite used to fighting her way through situations.

Darkship Thieves

And the pace fell away completely, and all my cares with it. I found this story non-stop entertainment and touchingly romantic.

He has a dark past because his previous wife killed herself. Julie L, Not a new genre, just a new take on Heinlein type stories. Also from Baen Books is her Darkship series beginning with Darkship Thieveswinner of the Prometheus Award for libertarian science fiction.

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