Os condrictios (Chondrichthyes, do grego χονδρος chóndros, “cartilaxe”, e ιχθύς ichthýs, “peixe”) ou peixes cartilaxinosos son unha clase de vertebrados. Los peces cartilaginosos o condrictios comprenden unas especies de peces incluyendo tiburones, rayas y quimeras. Su característica principal es su. PECES CARTILAGINOSOS CONDRICTIOS CARACTERISTICAS GENERALES – Poseen mandíbulas y esqueleto cartilaginoso. – Cráneo de.

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Conclusions The studied material includes the first record of Megascyliorhinus sp. A relation between the length of thekidney and of the archinephric ducts is recongnized.

Enumeratio specierum piscium hucusque in Archipelago indico observatarum. Journal of Morphology Urinary ducts, urogenital ducts, urinary bladder, Teleostei.

Andean Geology 37 2: Especial thanks to J. On the other hand, the presence of Paraorthacodus sp. Cione, personal communication in Reguero et al. Dimorfismo sexual de los conductos y orificios urogenitales. Palaeohypotodus rutoti Winkler; H.

On the other hand, it is described the first occurrence of Striatolamia macrotaPalaeohypotodus rutotiCarcharias sp. Morphologic criteria for identifying taxa were mostly based on Cappetta Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico, Vol.


Eocene birds from the western margin of southernmost South America. System der rezenten und fossilen Fischartigen und Fische. Pristis cirratus Latham, Balistes capriscus BalistidaeDiodon hystrixChilomycterus schoepfii DiodontidaeSphoeroides testudineus y Sphoeroides spengleri Tetraodontidae.

Historia Natural de las Islas Canarias. University of Washington Press, Seattle and London. For diagnosis of the genus Callorhinchussee Kriwet and Gazdzicki Peces de las Islas Canarias: El sistema excretor de Astyanax fasciatus Teleostei: Journal of South American Earth Sciences Condrictiod and families of the Chimaeroids. Chirostoma humboltianum, Membras vagrans, Menidia beryllina Atherinopsidae ; orden Beloniformes: One isolated mandibular plate.

In The biology of lampreys, vol.

| Fundación colombiana para la investigación y conservación de tiburones y rayas.

Masson et CieParis. Se manifiesta en algunas caritlaginosos el dimorfismo sexual en la forma de las papilas urinaria y urogenital. Journal of Paleontology 65 1: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Same in axial view. Megascyliorhinus cooperi Cappetta and Ward, Striatolamia macrota Agassiz, Fig. Forma pecws la vejiga urinaria. Family Myliobatidae Bonaparte, Localities and Geologic Setting 2. Chondrichthyes Mesozoic and Cenozoic Elasmobranchii: Aguas tropicales y templadas de todo el mundo.


Academic, London and New York. Ictalurus balsanus, Ictalurus punctatus IctaluridaeCathorops melanopus, Ariopsis felis, Bagremarinus AriidaeRhamdia guatemalensis Pimelodidae ; orden Salmoniformes: By means of an anatomical analysis from 70 species of teleostean fishes, belonging to 62 genera, and 39 families, and 20 orders, the morphological diversity of the urinary Duch system is described.

Los peces cartilaginosos i condrictios comprenden unas especies de peces incluyendo tiburonesrayas y quimeras. Family Myliobatidae Bonaparte, Myliobatidae indet.

The additional specimens here referred to Callorhinchus sp. Mesozoic and Cenozoic Elasmobranchii Schultze, H. One isolated rostral spine.

Tour de “Mantarayas”

Nuovi Annali di Scienze Naturali 1: Stratigraphic section of the upper part of Sierra Dorotea. A classification of the selachian fishes. Sexual dimorphism of the flounder Bothus robinsi Pisces: Functional anatomy and evolution of male genitalia in poeciliid fishes.

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