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Ms. Houghton’s BTT Page

It was true that the physiological assay of alkaloids was by far the most valuable, and it had been shown by Dunstan to be the only reliable rhethod in the case of aconite ; bat until physiological methods were more matured he thought the weighing and subsequent titration with stamlard ar-id of an alkaloid would be found valuable.

With the tablet, however, I think you have brought him within the meaning of the Act. The ” Ceown ” Sheep-dip Syndicate Limited. Asatesti- mony to the quality ot our manufactures, the largest advertising firms in the world have adopted our goods. They are serious enough to British manufacturers.

Full particulars are given in ihe iirm’. For External and Internal Irritation of every kind. Smeared round the stems of fruit trees and bushes effectually traps Earwigs, Ants, and other fruit depredators. The examinations are for dentists already in practice.


The cyclist can, at will, utter the cohorw of ear-piercing whistles, imitate a fog-horn or the screech of a steam syren.

Woven into squares the cohoora of an ordinary duster, and in its natural condition, undyed and without any admixture or saturation, the Cloth is possessed of remarkable properties, imparticg with ease and rapidity a brilliant and lasting polish to Silver, Gold, Glass, Metals, Furniture, Patent Leather, and everything in general use for which wash-leathers would be re- quired.

Sodium Bromide, 5 and 10 gr. The Magistrates came to the conclusion that the butter had been adulterated, and imposed a fine oE “21 2swith costs not to exceed Peptonising Powders, 1 dozen in box, one to each pint ot milk, with water, 12s.

With 97 Illustra- tions. For the defence, Mr.

Henri Calmels, photo-l;tbograf,hy by Mr. Warden be informed that the Council were not at liberty to go outside the regulation approved of by the Privy Council.

Full text of “The chemist and druggist [electronic resource]”

Send for this season’s samples; post free. That the active principle must be pure goes without sayirg, but it is also a sine qua non that the basis used should be completely inert.

Jones that in many cases the method of percolation adopted in the B P. The subject of the last exercise was a mixture of 2 parts of magnesium carbonate, lpait of amuionio-ferrous ect, and 1 part of calcium phosphate. Barbara Owen 38the wife of a Bootle stoker, who had been suffeiing from head-pains lately, drank a mixture of naphtha and carbolic acid, which her husband kept in the house.

Because, as a well-known Practitioner writes: Kow, it happened that, as years passed and the race of tha chemelopards multiplied, it overspread the whole of the broad forest so that it became diflacult for every beast to find a sufiiciency of food.


In the ques’ion of wages many shop-assistants did not earn anything like the proverbial ” dockers’ tanner. To this are added the active and nutritive constituents of pure malt in a soluble form. For Hospital and Dispensary purposes in larger quantities. Platino Bromide paper can be used for making either enlargements or contact prints.

Shakespearean Internet Hunt

With reference to concentrated tinctures no one supposed that they were so good as the more dilute preparations, and in many cases it was utterly impossible to prepare them ; but there was a demand nowadays for con- centration, and to medical men particularly standardised concentrated tinctures were undoubtedly useful.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. In Broicra rotundifolia the power of movement is localised in the tentacles, and these may be stimulated by a fly or an electric current. We guarantee to pro- duce a better article 1 with these than any other system adapted for using the Liquefied gas, and at a lower pressure, thus effect- ing an immense sav- ing in bottles, and also reducing risk of accidents.

Haynes shows us a letter from which it appears that the same person had carried on very similar proceedings at St. Hull Lenis, Edward 37 Egertou St.

Lake, Millar ft Co. In addition the rent was raised to 80Z a year. Goodali, Backhouse cim Oo. Tne latter section comprises many hundred plants, and most of them have first been recordtd by Mr.

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