Scientific name: Other names: Tamaraw. Bubalus mindorensis. Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Timaraw, Tamarao, Tamarau, Mindorobüffel, Búfalo de. Bubalus mindorensis is included in the subgenus Bubalus [Hamilton-Smith, ], being affiliated with the Asiatic water buffalo (B. arnee). Bubalus mindorensis Heude, Taxonomic (Download Help) Bubalus mindorensis TSN Reference for: Bubalus mindorensis, tamaraw [ English].

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Palawan bearded pig S.

File:Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan 01.jpg

Byfewer than animals were estimated to be alive. Boubalos Greek a buffalo.

Wild tamaraw observed by Suchomel were fully solitary except for a female with a grown calf and kept several hundred meters between adjacent individuals in grassland habitat. As they mature, the horns grow longer relative to the length of the ears and broaden at the base. Total height at the shoulders is cm. Hippotragus Roan antelope H. Very little is known about communication in tamaraws. Views View Edit History.

Bytheir range was further reduced to only two areas: Lowland anoa Bubalus depressicornis. The act specifically prohibited killing, hunting and even merely wounding tamaraws, with an exception mindorehsis for self-defense if one were to be attacked by an agitated individual or for scientific purposes. Mountain anoa Bubalus quarlesi.

However, bulls were observed chasing other bulls, especially during breeding season and on burned grasslands. The only reported life expectancy for tamaraws in the literature is 20 years, but whether this is for a wild or captive animal is unclear. Juvenile pelage is reddish-brown, with dark brown legs and a black dorsal line. Bubalus mindorensis Heude Glossary Endemic A species or taxonomic group that is only found in one particular country or geographic area.


Half of these occurred when the animals were condensed into small fragments of habitat due to fires, while two others were of an adult male chasing dispersing juvenile males. However, much of the original forest in its range has been replaced with grassland as a result of human mlndorensis 2 5. Biotropica18 3: Males and females may associate throughout the year, if only fleetingly for a few hours Custodio et al. Bubalus mindorensis was initially described independently by Heude and Steere in andrespectively, although Heude is listed as the specific authority.

It was widely patronized by taxi operators and was immediately turned into a staple mode of transportation much like a cross of the taxi and the jeepney. Asian buffalo Bubalus bubalis. Mindoro is an island in the Philippines; – ensis Latin suffix meaning belonging to, the tamaraw is restricted to to this island see distribution for more information.

Retrieved 11 May Walker’s Mammals of the World, Volume 2. Blog Friday 05 October Wildscreen With: It has been suggested that this solitary behavior is an adaptation to its forest environment.

Since the early s, numbers vubalus the tamaraw have been declining and this Critically Endangered mammal is now teetering on the edge of extinction 5. Each horn is very wide and triangular at the bibalus and remains very thick for most of the length – only towards the sharp tips do they become narrower and more rounded in cross section.


The tamaraw is the largest mammal native to the Philippines 4and also has the distinction of being one of the rarest mammals in existence 2. Share this image — Hide sharing options.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Tamaraws have been hunted for food and sport in the past, but these activities have been outlawed since Contrary to common belief and past classification, the tamaraw is not a subspecies of the local carabaowhich is only slightly larger, or the common water buffalo.

While commercial trade in the species is prohibited, exchange for non-commercial reasons such as scientific research is allowed. Arriskuan dauden ugaztunak Usage on fa. Associations between males and females are infrequent and short-lived, occurring during the breeding season. Positive Tamaraws have been hunted for food and sport in the past, but these activities have been outlawed since It may NOT be used within Apps.

Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) – Quick facts

Glossary acoustic uses sound to communicate. Breeding season Tamaraws mate during Mindoro’s dry season December to May. Iglit-Baco National Park, Mt. View more global usage of this file.

Summary [ edit ] Description Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan

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