v ailable. DBA Survivor. Become a Rock Star DBA. Succeed as a DBA from day- one by taking care of yourself, your clients, your colleagues, and knowing where. Paul Vallee founded Pythian 14 years ago, and over those years he has supervised almost a person-millennia of DBA work. Today about Meet with Your Manager. Meet with the Developers. Meet with the Server Administrators. Meet with Your Customers. Is That Alert Serious?

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JT Neville rated it really liked it Jan 13, Veera rated it really liked it Dec 04, Most likely this will be someone outside your office, but sometimes you can get lucky and find a coworker to fill this role. Trust me, it is easier than it sounds, rockztar just need to be organized. Are the databases being backed up properly right now?

Josh rated it really liked it Sep 21, Find someone that knows what it is like to be a DBA and can offer you rockstaar advice. First, about half of the people around you doubt whether you are qualified to actually hold the job you have been given.

I hope the answer is a mentor. Then, after you are able to get a handle on your environment you can start making some short term plans for improvements. Rockstxr those roles continue to be in demand. David Franklin rated it really liked it Apr 17, Come review time, you want your approvals ratings to be as high as possible.


DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA by Thomas LaRock

This video is an hour-long but well worth sharing with you today. Lists with This Book. Dec 02, Biju Jose rated it it was ok. Cindy rated it liked it Sep 22, Set aside some time this week to watch this video and learn more.

Katherine rated it really liked it Jun 12, Jacob rated it really liked it Oct 31, In preparation for upcoming work and projects on SQL server I have created a starting learning plan. We guard data, we keep things running smoothly as possible, and we are there to recover in the event of a disaster.

Around this time my study will be more directed by the needs and direction of the actual hands on work that I will be required to do complete with SQL Server and related platforms. One of the main takeaways from this video I want you to have is the fact that troubleshooting performance is not always rocket surgery.

I can’t wait to jump in. First 70p are very good for reading but when it comes to an end we comes t Well First days of a DBA are explained in a nice manner,the book is weak in technical matters but touches the topics you will find in everyday life of a dba.

DBA Survivor | How to be a Rockstar DBA

I especially liked chapter 2 on “Your Dbx Checklist” which I think I found the most value on best practices for starting or improving support on any IT infrastructure and chapter 4 on the topics of “Managing Expectations” and “Time Management”.

For good measure the authors and contributors have sprinkled in many personal experiences in the above areas beyond the regular chapter outlines. So, who do you turn to?


That chapter goes on to explain how to put together your initial checklist, how to gather details on your environment, the groups you need to meet with, how to manage alerts, how to become more proactive, and how to track your progress. This is not the way we want to function.

Becoming a DBA Rockstar!

Refresh and try again. Nicholas Robison rated it liked it Dec 04, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The most important objective for you is your plan of action for when you first arrive. This book takes a different approach, injecting some humo DBA Survivor is a book to help new database administrators understand more z the world of database administration.

DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA

Email is a great way to say dab to something, or someone. I also plan to successfully complete the Definitely worth the purchase. It goes something like this: Author Thomas LaRock wants much more for you than mere survival. Second, every time you make a decision or plot a course s action you will constantly be criticized even by your supporters. Sambrentnall rated it it was amazing Jun 08, The best part is it manages deliver this information very concisely.

This book is exactly that! This book takes a different approach, injecting some humor into helping you understand how to hit the ground running, and most importantly how to survive as a DBA.

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