Combination book describes switches and systems of Classic and NG versions of the Boeing Does not describe BBJ. Documents Similar To Cockpit B ng Cockpit companion full Uploaded by. Paul Watkins. Engine Starting B Uploaded by. NG Cockpit Companion [Bill Bulfer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Airplane or pilot instruction.

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Email Article to Friend. B Cockpit Companion steps far beyond the “need to know” philosophy that is characteristic of modern systems training, and which frustrates many line pilots. Find More Posts by paulkinm. Right needle is powered from stby power. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This solenoid shows what action is performed when the Yaw Damper switch is placed to ON.

MAX does not have the ground spoiler interlock valve. Red flags they are actually amber indicate there is a Cofkpit procedure associated with that flag. Enter the pocket reference guide.

The B Cockpit Companion is a well known guide within the flight simulation community, having been published in several formats; each dealing with a specific release of a Boeing aircraft series. Adventures in Cockpit Building. Where can I lay my hands on them?


The Bill Bulfer Books • myNG

Writing for a cross section of readers from differing cultures and 737bg with varying degrees of technical ability, can at times be challenging. Added 3 new GPWS warnings: There is a “combi” edition that covers and it’s simply excellent. It has to do with a malformed database.

Notice the 4 columns of text near the top. Added a photo of the new location. It is important to note that this guide provides much more information than just indicating a name for cockpi.

737 Combo Cockpit Companion

Let us know if you need guidance on how to do that. Open Menu Close 7377ng Apple. Very helpfull, does anyone have an A series equivalent they might be able to suggest? The guide, written by retired airline Captain Bill Bulfer, are very specialized and unravel each of the many B aircraft systems. It can be purchased from Leading Edge Publishing.

Every switch, function, light, and condition is described in length. Then use the down arrow to view the hydraulic system as you change configurations. Go to the App Store app.

Does anyone know this book and can tell me the name of the 737nt and where to find it? Surface area of these actuators is larger than the retract actuator. Touch the X, and confirm. We have also fixed a bug in the circuit breakers section which might eventually lead to a crash if you used it heavily.


Every page and field you find in the FMC is explained in great detail. You should reach out to Bill at his site.

Our goal is to test against the current OS and one OS earlier. If you see a price, you may not be logged companio with the same account you originally used to purchase the app.

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I have just googled it and it appears that you can order it on-line. May add the parking brake next month.

As of this writing, the digital Cockpit Companion is not available for Android yet. Corrected some airplanes so they have the proper airline-selected 5 or 10 minute compsnion.

Otherwise, the revision is the same as 1. Then click on the down arrow. The major features include: Thank you to those who have sent MAX material. Click image to enlarge. More work remains on the Classic. None of the MAX changes are listed below.

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