Teradata BTEQ – Learn Teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with LABEL − Assigns a label to a set of SQL commands. Bteq Commands. 1) LOGON: The first command to perform the database operations generally has four parameters, 1. TDPID 2. User ID 3. BTEQ commands in Teradata provide great flexibility. They can be to the DBC/ – BTEQ commands may be executed in a DBC/SQL macro by using the.

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Collecting stats on the system derived column Partition is faster because rather than reading all the base table rows for collecting information, it usually just scans the cylinder index for that PPI commanrs.

Reducing Table Update Time: At the end of every sql statement, there is a semicolon. Assigns severity levels to errors. If comamnds of the tables is partitioned, the rows won’t be ordered the same, and the task, in effect, becomes a set of sub-joins, one for each partition of the PPI table. Using empno char 4. Yet, they are different in the following aspects: One of multiple data mode options commamds data selected from Teradata.


Teradata – BTEQ

OLTP systems are rarely affected by these situations, and the purpose of these keys is to accurately track history in the data warehouse. If combination of columns used in multicolumn is greater than 16bytesstats are not efficient 4. Permanent Journal maintains complete history of table.

Way 1 is being used generally in shell scripts since it is a procedural way. Enter your logon or BTEQ command: Repeat specifies the total number of requests to be submitted. It is all to do about Joins which is most important concern in Teradata.

Learn Teradata: Bteq Commands

Use primary indexes for joins whenever possible, and specify in the where clause all the columns for the primary indexes. Yet, they are different in the following aspects: You can put a pause while the BTEQ operation.

Designates a maximum error severity level beyond which BTEQ terminates job processing. Not only that but the business execs can query the data themselves with little or no support from IT—saving more time and more money. The cost involves the cpu usage, and diskio counts. Collect stats could be pretty resource consuming for large tables. Did someone say Not Null?? Use the following commands to control the sequence in which BTEQ executes commands: BTEQ is often referred. Secondly, FastExport and MultiLoad have full restart capability.


This reduces the overhead of scanning the complete table thus improving performance. We will talk about.

Some quick tips I can suggest 1. Secondly, FastExport and MultiLoad have full restart capability.

Tera-Tom’s 1000 page e-Book on Teradata by Tera-Tom Coffing

Since purging based on partition is very fast and deletion happens quickly. Mathematical operations are faster than string operations i. Allows integrating data from multiple source systems, i. Yet, BTEQ is not a utility designed for bulk data movement. Set Suppress On 1,2. Specifies a character string or width in blank characters to bteqq columns of a report.

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